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"Thank you to Queen Elsa and Stages for making Emily's party so magical! The themed games were brilliant, all the children really enjoyed themselves and the birthday girl was made to feel like a real princess for the day. In her words...everything was just perfect!"

"A big thank you to Coral and the Stages Team for the fantastic Princess and Pirates party they put on for our daughter and her school friends. The team kept the kids happy and entertained with great games and activities so Mum and Dad could sit back and enjoy the fun! A big, big thank you and see you next year!"

"Never have I seen a room full of energetic 8 year old boys so focused & lost in their imagination - brilliant party!!! Thanks to Coral & her amazing team from Stages!!....The Doctor & Jess gave us goosebumps - they're brilliant....we were all drawn in!! Great party concept! X"

"To have a room full of kids, of varying ages from 4-9, all 100% engaged for an hour and a half is frankly outstanding. It actually makes a great party simply amazing, and my boy was over the moon to see everybody getting in to it."

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About Me: I'm a secondary school drama teacher from Birmingham with a passion for all things drama and theatre. In particular, I love directing plays. Before teaching, I worked professionally as an Animateur and assistant producer for an applied theatre company. Away from drama and theatre, I love spending quality time with my wife and two young children.

Favourite Stages Party Theme:  Dr Who

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader: Having an excuse to be a big kid and seeing the pure joy and excitement on the children's faces when you lead them through their party adventure. 

Top Party Tip: Embrace it and give it everything you've got.

Favourite Party Food: party rings biscuits


About me: I'm originally from Coventry, where I attended Pattison College, a school that specialises in performing arts as well as academic subjects. I then studied Drama and Performance at the University of Worcester. I've been a performer for most of my life and I love being creative, whether it's acting, art, singing or writing. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and young people. I also love nature, going for country walks, listening to music and cooking.

Fave Stages Party Theme: Fairytale  and Hogwash School of Wizardry

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader: That I get to use my skills to make a child's special day that little bit more magical. It's also really good fun.

Top Party Tip: To make sure we get as much info from the parents as possible so that the child's party is tailored to their favourite things. That way the party will be extra special because it's been personalised.

Fave Childhood Party Food: Chocolate caterpillar cake


About me: I'm a magician, for over ten years, I used to work for haven holidays all over the country, I'm a member of the magic circle in London

Fave Stages party theme: It would have to be the Magic Party or the Hogwash school of Wizardry!

Best thing about being a Stages party leader: everyday is different, get to go places, and meet different people

Top party tip: to be flexible and adapt to the number of guests, children's mood & size of venue on the day rather than religiously sticking to the plan. If they need to burn off energy in order to focus in the next activity then we add in a high energy physical game.

Favourite childhood party food: cheese sandwiches


About Me: I'm from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham and I'm currently training at The Hammond School in Chester on the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre and Performance course. I love going to theatre and i love being on the stage even more.

Fave Stages party theme: Princess party theme (because, secretly, i am one)

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader: Organising all the fun activities and games for each themed party

Top party tip: To prepare everything in advance so it all goes smoothly and according to plan.

Fave party food: CAKE


About me: Born and bred in the Midlands, I'm a keen actor and writer performing in anything from stage and film to interactive murder mystery evenings. I'm passionate about bringing theatre and entertainment to those who wouldn't normally go to the theatre, as well as just having fun with it! And obviously making sure kids have a great birthday party to remember 

Favourite Stages party theme: Superheroes closely followed by pirates (I love playing Captain No-Beard)

Best thing about being a Stages party leader: Knowing you've given a family and their friends a birthday to remember

Top party tip: It sounds a bit cliche but just to enjoy it, it's the whole point of partying after all.  

Favourite childhood party food: Chicken nuggets


About me:   Hello! I’m Jack and I’m an Actor from Birmingham. I studied at Birmingham Ormiston Academy from 2013-2015 and from then I have been pursuing my acting career following further training at First Act Workshops. I love all kinds of acting but I have a real passion for performing in musicals, my favourite musical I have performed in would have to be Peter Pan flying was awesome! I also love going to the theatre and watching shows. I’m a big kid at heart

Fave Stages party theme:   If you haven’t already guessed, Star Wars and Doctor Who themes are my favourite! 
Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader: To go on a fun adventure using creativity and imagination that the kids can also enjoy for their special day! 

Top party tip:  Always prepare for the unexpected and be adaptable to change in the day you might have planned, let everyone have their input on the adventure especially the birthday Boy or Girl!

Favourite childhood party food: 
I’m a crisps kind of guy. !


About me: I'm from Birmingham and currently training in performing arts at Italia Conti and from September at Bird. I'm a professional dancer, singer and actress. I used  to be a a national cheerleader, regional gymnast and currently a competitive dancer. I'm passionate about a lot of things - travelling, music, dance, choreography and family . And of course, teaching and inspiring children!

Favourite Stages party theme: All the party themes! I love a good party.

Best thing about being a Stages party leader: Knowing you're giving the birthday child the best party ever and seeing the children's faces light up throughout the adventure.

Top party tip: To find out as much as you can from the parent about the birthday child before the party so you can tailor it and make it perfect for them and feel really personal.

Favourite childhood party food: Party rings


About Me: I’m from Birmingham, and currently a student, soon to be in Uni. I have been with Stages for around 4 years now, helping teach at the Northfield classes. It’s always fun to see the kids having fun and enjoying themselves at Stages!

Fave Stages Party Theme: Definitely Hogwash School for Wizards! I love Harry Potter and everything magical.

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader:Getting to see all the kids having fun and enjoying themselves and leaving at the end knowing you did your best.

Top Party Tip: Service with a smile, because if you don’t look happy, how do you expect the kids to be happy.

Fave Party Food: Got to be the crisps!


About Me: I’m an actress, writer/composer and producer from South Staffordshire. I have BA (Hons) Acting and trained to advanced level in dance with ISTD and RAD (my favourite style is tap dancing!). I love performing children’s/family theatre and inspiring young people to be creative.

Favourite Stages Party Theme:
Princesses and Dr Who

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader:Taking everyone on adventure in the imagination and giving the birthday child an amazing time to remember.

Top Party Tip: To create an imaginative and well-organised experience tailored to every birthday child.

Fave Party Food: Probably those colourful party rings or cheese on a stick (without the pineapple) hmmm


About Me: Hi, I’m Rita, originally from the South Coast, but now living in Melton Mowbray. I'm passionate about acting and entertaining, and love knowing that we've helped make a little one's special day. 

Favourite Stages Party Theme:
oh there's so many I love! The glamour of the photoshoot, the floatiness of a fairy tale, the ho ho ho and thigh slappiness of a pirate party! 

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader:
 making a difference! 
Top Party Tip:
 there are no hard and fast rules about how a party should be arranged. You decide!
Fave Party Food: 
Jelly and ice cream!


About Me: 

Favourite Stages Party Theme:

Best thing about being a Stages Party Leader:

Top Party Tip:

Fave Party Food: 

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